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Ever dreamed you might be able to handle some of the world's most amazing wildlife?

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal in the world.

Canberra's National Zoo & Aquarium offers one of the most amazing animal experiences in Australia - the opportunity to have hands-on contact, pat and play with one of these amazing cats.

During your Meet A Cheetah experience, you will be in the same enclosure as the unrestrained cheetahs. At all times an experienced Zoo Keeper will be with you to answer your questions and guide you as you interact with these incredible animals. A maximum of 2 people go into the cheetah enclosure with the Keeper per session, and sessions last for approximately 10 minutes.

Minimum age is 15, minimum height 1.5m. Good mobility is essential.Please read the full T&C of this experience BEFORE making a booking.

How to Book: Click on the date you wish to go, then on ‘0 Single Ticket’. Click on the number of people in your party and then ‘Book Now”. You can select multiple sessions if you have more than 2 people. If there are not enough spots left, try another day or try the afternoon sessions. We can take up to 2 people each 15 minute session, with a minimum of 4 sessions scheduled daily. Take advantage of the discounted Monday to Friday rate. (excluding Public Holidays)

Buying a Voucher: Weekday Vouchers are valid Monday-Friday only (excluding public holidays) Weekend Vouchers have unrestricted use and can be used to book onto ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, including public holidays.
Redeeming a Voucher: If you have more than 1 voucher you must redeem each voucher in order to make a booking.

Average Duration: 15 minutes approx.

About National Zoo & Aquarium

We are located on Lady Denman Drive, next to Scrivener Dam, near Yarralumla - approximately 9km from the centre of Canberra - just off Parkesway/Tuggeranong Parkway.

999 Lady Denman Drive,
Weston Creek
Canberra, ACT 2611

Dress Code

Flat soled enclosed walking shoes. No thongs and high heeled shoes. There are some restrictions on colours in clothing, but long pants are recommended. Please read the full T&C's.

Spectator Information

Accompanying guests are required to pay General Admission to the Zoo, but cannot be guaranteed a view of the encounter. One spectator per participant MAY be allowed to go behind the scenes to view the experience. However - as some of the Cheetahs with which we do this experience are off public display, we cannot guarantee that a spectator will be able to accompany you.
Give your camera to the Keeper if you wish to have some photos taken of you inside the enclosure. Please note there are restrictions on large cameras, iPads etc. Please read our FULL T&C on our website.

Weather Information

What happens if it rains?
Although a bit of rain may not interfere with the encounter, heavier rain, wind and storms can change the cheetahs reactions. If the keeper feels that any outside occurrence will impact on the encounter, they can defer or cancel it and rebook you for another day. Should you chose to cancel or rebook, fees will apply.
To enquire about re-scheduling any tour or encounter, you will need to phone the zoo and talk with our staff.

Other Information

IMPORTANT - IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE AWARE OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. These also need to be passed on to any Gift Voucher recipients.
(FULL T&C's are available on the product page on our website. Please read these before your experience)

You must be a minimum of 15 years old, and at least 1.5 metres tall to do this Encounter. Children 15 years are required to be accompanied by a paying adult on the Encounter.
Pregnancy: please consult with your doctor before participating in Meet a Cheetah. All cats, including domestic ones, carry Toxic Plasmosis in their Faeces, which may cause problems in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Children 16 - 17 may have the adult as a spectator. All children 15-17 will need an Indemnity form signed by a parent in order to participate.
You need to have good mobility. Check in is on arrival - no later than 1/2 hour prior to your Encounter time.

Participants do not have to pay for Zoo entry on the day of their Tour, so have all day access to the Zoo and its facilities. Come earlier and see the rest of the Zoo!

Purchases are not refundable.
Rescheduling by a participant can be done up to 24 hours prior to the day, at a cost of $5 per person. Rescheduling within 24 hours will incur a fee of $20.00 per person (Fees payable at the time of rescheduling)

Redeeming a Voucher: If you have more than 1 voucher, you must redeem each voucher in order to make a booking for all participants.


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